making your nervous system work for you.

Small electrical signals are the language of the brain and body.


Influencing these signals can  

correct dysfunction causing chronic disease.




We are working with world leading research institutions and universities to investigate the applications of our technology method to a number of high impact chronic health conditions.



Our technology is available in selected countries, please see our availability page to check your location.


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Parasym Health develop bioelectric medical devices.


The Parasym device non-invasively stimulates the Vagus Nerve.



Empower people to gain control over their health and live free of chronic disease.

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Ear Clip Electrode


VNS Device


Richard. S

“The tVNS device really changed my life!”  

Anne. D

“I am now starting to live life again with a smile on my face.”

Adeita. P

“I’ve gone from a 5/10 in quality of life to a 10/10!”

Ruth. H


“I couldn’t walk more than 3 meters at a time... now I’m walking around the lake with my kids!”


Morris. L


“Now my tinnitus is low enough 80% of the time that it doesn't stress me out or get in the way of living my life”

Tania. L

“Thank you! I am very grateful for this treatment!”