• Short & simple daily use
  • Results in as little as 4 weeks*
  • Portable & discreet 
  • CE marked medical device 
  • Safe home treatment

what is the treatment?


Treatment involves daily use of the Parasym device. 


The device settings and treatment time depend on the condition.


In some cases treatment will be accompanied by another element such as sound therapy (for tinnitus).

what is the

parasym device?


The Parasym device non-invasively stimulates the Vagus Nerve.


This is done using a specially designed unit and ear-clip electrode.


Small micro-pulses of electricity are sent from the device to the Vagus Nerve, through the electrode.

How does it work?


These small electrical signals are delivered to the Vagus Nerve through the tragus of the ear.


These signals then influence the Nervous System and specific mechanisms in the brain.


Different signals are used to treat different conditions. 






How does that

help me?


Small electrical signals are the language of the brain and body. 


Influencing these signals can correct dysfunction causing chronic disease.



Is vagus nerve stimulation safe?


*Based on published research 

How does THAT HELP ME?




There has been significant research showing the safe use of VNS as a treatment method.  


VNS has been used for over 20 years (with surgery), on hundreds of thousands of patients.


For more detailed information, please read our safety page.



Our treatment is available in selected countries, please see our availability page to check your location.


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VNS Device